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SFGH Angus

Who is looking for Stallion Prospect or an Outstanding Gelding. This Colt has it all in a small package.
Angus carries one downsizing gene.


SFGH Angus
With outstanding bloodlines and a temperament that can't be beat, this colt will make the perfect addition to any barn.
QUALITY, TEMPERAMENT, HAIR, BLOODLINES all wrapped up in a mini package.
The Breeder has retained EVERY SINGLE foal from this mare but cannot keep another colt from the same lines.

His dam has hair to spare, the best mustache year-round and the temperament you cannot beat.

The Sire is the one and only SD Tarzan.
Sire-SD Tarzan (Pic below in Gallery)
Dam-Maddie of Lexlin (Pic Below in Gallery)

Est height 11.2- 12H One H2 downsizing gene.
This Colts pedigree is full of the Best Horses in the Breed. Can be gelded or intact.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a top-quality Mini Gypsy Vanner Colt!!

Contact information:

On Consignment with PGVC& Marketplace


Farm Video

Sire & Dam

SD Tarzan

Maddie of Lexlin

Horse Gallery

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